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My funny Valentine. 14.02.2024
Ringing In The New Year. 13.02.2024
I'll Be With You In Cherry Blossom Time. 07.02.2024
Double Birthday Celebrations 04.02.2024
Changing Seasons 30.01.2024
Exploring Above The Water. 28.01.2024
Just Chilling In The Park. 25.01.2024
Getting In Touch With Our Inner Zen. 23.01.2024
If Paradise Is Half As Nice 13.01.2024
The Lantau Trail Section Twelve. 06.01.2024
Reawakening - hopefully. 03.01.2024
My get up and go.... 19.12.2023
Lots of Outs and Abouts. 25.11.2023
Not all days go to plan, 17.11.2023
Off to Parents' Farm. 15.11.2023
Dragons On The Wind. 29.10.2023
Death Among The Flowers. 28.10.2023
Friendship and Food. 25.10.2023
Making A Night Of It ... 20.10.2023
Bright Lights, Birthdays and Barbecues. 17.10.2023
If you light a lamp .... 27.09.2023
The Wind In The Pine Trees. 23.09.2023
A Luminosity of Lanterns. 22.09.2023
When Old Men Plant Trees ..... 19.09.2023
Aftermath. 02.09.2023
Having a whale of a time in Tsuen Wan. 30.08.2023
Listen! Do you want to know a secret? 27.08.2023
Consider the lilies .... 22.08.2023
The City of Sadness. 16.08.2023
Time flies when you're having fun. 11.08.2023
Climbing Tiger Mountain. 04.08.2023
A Touch of the Domestics. 02.08.2023
A tiger never loses sleep over the opinion of sheep. 23.07.2023
You Learn Something New Every Day. 22.07.2023
Getting Stuck In. 17.07.2023
Ten Thousand Foot Long Silver Cloth. 12.07.2023
"Get Thee To A Nunnery." 07.07.2023
Dragons and Storms. 04.07.2023
Heat and Heritage. 01.07.2023
It'll be Nice When It's Finished. 22.06.2023
Out for a Duck. 14.06.2023
Running Away To Lovers' Bridge. 09.06.2023
The Cross On The Hill. 03.06.2023
Tragedy in Tai Po. 29.05.2023
Following The Way In Ping Che. 26.05.2023
Mansions, Medicine, Markets and Meetings. 21.05.2023
Reservoirs, Rock Roses and Rascals. 12.05.2023
Taking Life With A Pinch Of Salt. 07.05.2023
The Tai Tam Heritage Trail. 05.05.2023
Underneath The Arches. 30.04.2023
Festivals and Farewells. 17.03.2023
Living In The Shadow Of The Mountain of Dragons and Tigers. 09.03.2023
Where Fresh Water And Salt Water Meet. 07.03.2023
Good Things Come In Threes 03.03.2023
Without the dark, we'd never see the stars. 01.03.2023
From The Big Beach To The Sea Shore. 26.02.2023
A Mix of Mayhem and Magnolias. 23.02.2023
Tiptoe Through The Tulips 22.02.2023
The Sun On Clear Water 17.02.2023
Grieving Over Fallen Cherry Blossoms. 14.02.2023
Impressions. 12.02.2023
At The End of The Rainbow. 10.02.2023
Down On The Farm. 06.02.2023
Springing Back Into Action. 05.02.2023
Rabbiting Round the City. 21.01.2023
Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Camellia. 19.01.2023
Tigers, Rabbits, Monkeys and Birds. 17.01.2023
When You Wish Upon A Tree... 14.01.2023
Perfect Timing. 10.01.2023
Finally Enjoying the Autumn Leaves. 06.01.2023
And So That Was Christmas!!! 30.12.2022
Monsters, Monuments and Meetings. 15.12.2022
'Tis the Season to be Jolly. 14.12.2022
Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly. 10.12.2022
A Round of A-Claws for Lobster Bay. 07.12.2022
Pitch Forks and Burning Torches. 04.12.2022
Swimming to the bitter end. 29.11.2022
Till the cows come home. 26.11.2022
Everything's Coming Up Roses. 23.11.2022
Hidden in plain sight. 11.11.2022
Bethanie. 11.11.2022
Birthday Getaway. 07.11.2022
Walla-Wallas and Afternoon Tea. 05.11.2022
Halloween 2022. 30.10.2022
Escape to Tung Chung. 27.10.2022
Snoopy and the Devil. 25.10.2022
As Pretty As A Picture. 22.10.2022
Gone Fishing! 15.10.2022
Enter The Dragon 12.10.2022
Think Big - Then Double It. 06.10.2022
An Olympian Feat. 04.10.2022
First Hike of the New Season. 28.09.2022
Having a Yabba-Dabba-Doo Time in TST East! 24.09.2022
On The Waterfront. 21.09.2022
A Bridge Too Far... 15.09.2022
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon. 11.09.2022
Celebrating Our 34th Wedding Anniversary. 06.09.2022
Who's for afters? 05.09.2022
A museum and so much more. 04.09.2022
Time Changes Everything. 30.08.2022
From the Outback, to the Jungle, then down to the Sea. 27.08.2022
Heaven on Earth. 18.08.2022
Wandering the Wonders of Whampoa. 15.08.2022
Just a Rainy Day in Tsim Sha Tsui. 09.08.2022
Return to Gin Drinkers' Bay 03.08.2022
A Day Trip to Thailand. 30.07.2022
It's too damn hot . 29.07.2022
Digging For Gold. 20.07.2022
All about Sheep and those damn Monkeys. 16.07.2022
Somewhere Over the Rainbow.... 14.07.2022
Once more unto the Jurassic. 09.07.2022
Plumbing the depths of despair .... 09.07.2022
In Search Of The Hidden Lotus. 24.06.2022
Fanlinging? 22.06.2022
From the City of Darkness to Hogwarts. 15.06.2022
Emperors and Sweet Potatoes. 11.06.2022
Chasing Ghosts. 03.06.2022
Right in the Sh*t!!! 28.05.2022
Firewood Bay in the Rain. 25.05.2022
In Search Of Inspiration. 22.05.2022
Life's a Walk in the Park!!!! 19.05.2022
Health Matters. 12.05.2022
It's A Jungle Out There. 04.05.2022
Journey To The Very End. 01.05.2022
Running Away in Big Steps. 28.04.2022
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls. 21.04.2022
Sharks and Parks. 14.04.2022
Done with Lions, moving on to Rhinos. 13.04.2022
Lions and Amahs. 08.04.2022
Trailing to the Bitter End. 05.04.2022
The Ups and Downs of Trailing. 01.04.2022
Trailing Behind. 23.03.2022
Just Trailing Along. 20.03.2022
Aloha from Hong Kong. 16.03.2022
Golden Days. 14.03.2022
I can see for miles and miles. 12.03.2022
Seeing Red. 08.03.2022
Love is in the Air. 04.03.2022
Seeing Things From Different Points of View. 02.03.2022
Trying to Cheer Myself Up 09.02.2022
The Year of the Tiger .... 07.02.2022
Indecision 26.01.2022
Monkey Business at the Fortified Gate 25.01.2022
Just in The Nick of Time 21.01.2022
A Step by Step Look Over Sham Shui Po. 19.01.2022
Bits and Bobs 14.01.2022
Ho Pui, Ho Pui, so good I walked it twice! 14.01.2022
Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright 04.01.2022
Meanwhile back in the village 31.12.2021
Christmas Time Gatherings. 29.12.2021
Catching Up. 22.12.2021
From a Sok to a Shue. 17.12.2021
Autumn Leaves are Falling. 14.12.2021
Come Fly With Me, Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away. 11.12.2021
The Kai Tak Heart Attack 09.12.2021
Short Trips Out. 07.12.2021
Keeping my fingers and everything else crossed. 06.12.2021
So near and yet so far. 01.12.2021
Non-stop Nights Out. 27.11.2021
Enjoying my leaving gift. 24.11.2021
Blazing the Trails. 23.11.2021
Oh no! Last day of the pools again. 21.11.2021
Gazing across a Thousand Islands. 18.11.2021
First Day of Freedom. 16.11.2021
The End of an Era 13.11.2021
Take a Walk on the Spooky Side. 01.11.2021
Marketing Central. 12.10.2021
Sunday Wanderings. 04.10.2021
And Now For A Bit of Culture. 27.09.2021
Moon Gazing 22.09.2021
Tiptoeing through the sandy fields. 26.08.2021
Entering the Garrison Gate. 20.08.2021
The mills of the gods grind slowly ..... 13.08.2021
Shoeless in Tsuen Wan. 12.08.2021
Sometimes you might as well just stay in bed ...... 05.08.2021
Wading through the Wetlands. 02.08.2021
In the Land of Man 30.07.2021
Round and Round a Rocky Bay. 26.07.2021
Forays into a Fertile Field. 25.07.2021
In at the Deep End... 22.07.2021
You are my Sunshine, My only Sunshine 16.07.2021
Admiring Admiralty 15.07.2021
Ending the school year .... 11.07.2021
In the Land of Oil and Jute. 28.06.2021
Wandering Around A Sharp Sandy Point. 23.06.2021
To Market.... To Market....... 16.06.2021
Wandering around Flat Island. 26.05.2021
Stanley - Into the Bandits' Den. 18.05.2021
Rocking the Rock Pools. 11.05.2021
On a Quest of Discovery. 05.05.2021
Following the Path of Violets. 26.04.2021
Playing Indiana Jones. 21.04.2021
Everything in the garden is rosy. 07.04.2021
Stairway From Hell 06.04.2021
Keep your Sunny Side Up 05.04.2021
A retirement home for deities. 04.04.2021
Climbing the Levelled Hill. 02.04.2021
The Grand Canyon of Hong Kong 29.03.2021
Here's One For the Books ...... 26.03.2021
Reservoir Fogs 26.03.2021
Water Under the Bridge ...... 15.03.2021
Black Christmas. 10.03.2021
On the Gin Drinkers' Line. 03.03.2021
A Room with a View. 24.02.2021
Riding the Trails. 20.02.2021
Can't See the Wood for the Trees. 18.02.2021
Bricks and Water. 16.02.2021
A Night in the Harbour Grand. 14.02.2021
Welcoming in The Year of the Ox 12.02.2021
Making Waves. 08.02.2021
The Gateway of the Golden Carp. 03.02.2021
A Pirates' Life for me. 02.02.2021
Just Talking Rubbish. 27.01.2021
Water, Water Everywhere.... 25.01.2021
Art, Ghosts, Parks and Markets. 23.01.2021
Skeletons and Caves. 18.01.2021
A Stroll Back in Time. 09.01.2021
Stairway to Heaven ....... 07.01.2021
All good things ........ 03.01.2021
Old Forts on the Eastern Stream. 01.01.2021
A Look around Lantau. 31.12.2020
'Peaking' out over Hong Kong. 28.12.2020
In the Land of the Nine Dragons. 27.12.2020
Flowers, Feathers, Fashion and Fish. 24.12.2020
The Whispers of Ghosts ..... 23.12.2020
Death in Happy Valley. 21.12.2020
Wanderlust in Wan Chai 20.12.2020
Temples, Troubles and Technology. 15.12.2020
Boats, Buildings and Bridges. 13.12.2020
In Search of Autumn and Winter. 08.12.2020
Last days of the pool. 22.11.2020
Looking at views, wildlife and street scenes. 18.11.2020
Festivals, Flowers and Fancy Cakes. 13.11.2020
Birthday Celebrations. 06.11.2020
Hong Kong Halloween. 03.11.2020